Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home- Wed. June 30th

We are home after 4000 miles of the northwest of our USA. We had a great time!!! JP said he loves RVing. He said: "You are just free." B and I agree. Although it is A LOT of work! Bryan drove the entire way- :-( he would not share with me. I have some great pics and I will post some after we clean up the gignormous mess we brought back! We are seriously thinking of doing this again... we are still friends and not too many arguments broke out- as long as the men bathed and put the seat down!!!

Today's highlight was in Reno (exit 21) at our friends (the Pelton's) McDonalds where JP made his own OREO McFlurry! Oh- he loved that for sure! And of course getting home without nary a scratch on the big brown beast.

Stay tuned as we are full of adventures!!! Love to all and to all a good night!

I think bubba Is mad at us :-(

Our rv space tonight!!!! Home!

This scared me to death! I forgot I put him there to scare burglars! :-0

Home at last!!!!

Look in my rear view mirror

Roseville never looked so good!

:-0 narrow 80

Reno - wahooooo almost to the last little mtns

Our friends the Peltons mcy d's exit 21 Reno- visit them!!! Loved it!

Mcflurry JP & Mary

Racing the train to Reno

We finally figured out the strange drink holders

Winnebago nv